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One Page Website

One Page Website

: increase your sales with an amazing website solution!

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One Page Website

Does your website need high loading speed?, with a single website page where you can have everything to facilitate your customer’s experience? Do you want your clients get to absorb a practical and complete content of your goods/services?

Then, a One Page website is what you need!

What Is A One Page Website? And Why Will You Have A Better Digital Performance With This Strategy? Check Out This Article And Learn How To Build Your Own One Page Website!

What is One Page Website?

One Page is a kind of website where you can include all of your business information with creativity, in only one simple space. In other words, the user will just scroll down the web content to get to know all the important infos about your business, without having to open new pages in the same website.

Basically, it’s a single page (without adicional links like “about”, “team” or “services”), that offers all the information the user will need. One Pages are also known as having a larger scrolling down layout.

It’s indeed a a very useful strategy when you don’t want your potential clients get distracted with subjects that don’t actually matter for that purpose. That’s the reason why a One Page Website solution happens to be way more practical than convencional websites.

These are some of the benefits you can have with this strategy:

A better loading speed

A better loading speedThe loading speed is an essential aspect for a good performance in Google. The more pages you have, the less speed performance you’ll have. Google prioritize websites with “short time”, that is, websites where user don’t have to wait too long to consume the content.


Optimized and Intuitive navigation

Optimized and Intuitive navigationSince clients won’t need to access other pages to find the what they’re looking for, the navigation experience is way more intuitive and simple. The information don’t have to be hidden and the users won’t need to remember where they clicked before in order to find what they need.


Full content, but lean

Full content, but leanWith a One Page website structure, the content must be done in a strategic way. You should distribute information in blocks so that the experience will be more interactive and intuitive. Use the 1+1=3 strategy, adding an image together with a written text in order to create a new and clever message.


Do you want to get your company to increase 26% of it’s profit using an intelligent and creative One Page website?

Does One Page method really bring you results?

A One Page website brings you as much result as a tradicional website. It’s important to notice that both kinds of websites are considered to be the basis for your business to get a good digital performance and, therefore, authority.

Most websites that we find in the internet follow only the tradicional strategy, that’s why creating a One Page can be a truly different idea, without mentioning that you facilitate the client’s experience when hosting everything in one single place.

Highlight the product or service of your company and increase your revenues with:

  • A responsive One Page website

  • An optimized CEO

  • An attractive layout

Check out a One Page example

Having handy all the information in one place – just like the name One Page suggests – you can star your site with what we call it to be “the first fold”. In this part we can find a highlighted sentence and a button for subscribing, right bellow it we can add some differentials, and afterwards you can put informations about your team, showing authority. Take a look at the example bellow!

One Page Website example

Finally, you can add the means of communication: registration form, location, phone number and social media. If you are unable or unwilling to do it yourself, consider hiring a web designer.

One Page Website example

Of course you can add several other elements, but the idea here is to show you the basic structure a One Page website, so that you can view a lot of information in only one space, in a sophisticated, elegant and clean design improving your company’s performance in digital sales.

We also suggest other strategies for your sales map in the digital marketing. Check it out!

Is High Sales the best solution when creating a One Page strategy?

Our company can help you to build a complete and customized One Page solution for your business. You don’t have to worry about creativity, coṕywriting and design. They both come together ?????? fix.

Our mission being part of the Successful Franchisings is to bring performance to your online business!

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